What an amazing time of the year!  If only we kept true to the spirit of Christmas and not let the hustle and bustle of the commercialization of this time of the year take over our lives.  I feel a bit sorry that the "Christmas shopping" season is kicked off with what they almost officially call "door crashing sales". Why crash the doors? Let's be civil use the doors the way they were intended, open and enter.  We also had to invent the cyber Mondays, black Friday, purple Tuesday, what else is there? And it is all supposedly directed towards a gift for "our neighbour", our loved one, or friend, when many times in fact it appeals to the inner side of us that wants more stuff, the one that makes us think that life will be easier, or better, or nicer if we add one more thing to our arsenal of short term (maybe) useful things and long term useless things. Not to get too negative here, I'm just sayin'...  Merry Christmas!

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